Rites of Passage: The Heritage Portfolio Project

On these pages, you will find portfolios for the Heritage School's Class of 2011. You will see work they've completed in their English class, Rites of Passage: American Dreams, a Regents preparation course. They will also highlight select work from some of their other classes. Additionally, students will include a short auto-bio, which might include a resume, and a reflection for this year and how it might be described as a rite of passage. We hope you will enjoy these portfolios, they are a representation of the hard work and effort the students of this class have put forth to make progress in their respective journeys to adulthood.

The Heritage School

Student Portfolios by class

Over the course of the 2009-2010 school year, the junior class at Heritage has worked hard preparing for the Regents, for college, and for adulthood. The following pages highlight their effort and excellence. Portfolios for these budding young adults can be found in the links to the right.

First Period
Jeanette Abreu - Emily Acevedo - Jazmen Alexander - Octavis Bernard - Andres Comonfort - Rafael Cordero - Jayne Delvalle - Carmelita Dominguez - Jordan Garcia - Melody Garcia - Ebony Holmes - Edwin Luciano - Maritza Magdaleno - Christopher Marin - Alan Martinez - Rayal Primus - Alexis Rivera - Ruben Silva - Terrence Veal

Third Period
Barbara Cappuccio - Kadeem Charles - Joshua Cheeseboro - Barron Collazo - Juan Cruz Tinesha Deleston -Taina Diaz - Luis Figueroa - Ilea Flores - Darvin Garcia - Jenny Gobea - Mahdi Ladjouzi - Justin Layedra - Shamrod Lockwood - Jimmy Mejia - Jose Mendez - Michael Moloon - Anais Monge - Yitha Montalvo - Miriam Ortega - Justin Polanco - Jordan Quianes - Raeven Vannoy - Cristian Vasquez

Seventh Period
Makia Brown - Karren Chan - Alberto Concepcion - Arturo Cruz - Chislaine Cruz - Sergio Flores - Kathy Garcia - Henry Gomez - Justin Gonzalez - Taylor Harris - D'artagnan Jackson - Diogenes Martinez - Andres Montero - Juan Nevarez - Mark Pe - Dayla Quinones - Sage Quintyne - Evelyn Rojas

Eighth Period
Osmery Belliard - Sandra Beltran - Gabrielina Cabrera - Devin Cobb - Dario Diodonet - Giovanni Fisher-Dudley - Vincent Gonzalez - Amanda Lora - Edwin Nunez - Henry Ortega - Destiny Otero - Quincy Perez - Leighton Phillips - Kiara Polanco - Sarup Ram - Jeanette Rodriguez - Catherine Rosario - Corisha Sanders - Shannen Soto - Angelica Tapia - Wendy Umana - Steven Vidal - Dejanae Wilson